GRW Energy Cost Reduction LTD

Part of the GRW family of specialist electrical services, GRW Energy Cost Reduction is your go-to ally for the best possible cost savings matched with friendly, professional service!

Your business is probably wasting £000s every year!

Energy is often the second highest commercial or industrial expenses, yet regardless of their chosen supplier, nearly every business spends far more on energy than they should. The key problem is wasted energy… In simple terms, you’re consuming far more energy than your business needs.

At GRW Energy Cost Reduction, we turn wasted energy into real-time savings that add directly to your bottom line.

How does GRW save you money?

Our free energy audit assesses your power needs, energy wastage and potential savings and reports back to you with a proposal.

GRW’s skilled specialists will use our highly effective four-step procedure to identify real energy savings for you and your business.

  1. Measure existing usage in detail
  2. Analyse the true power requirements
  3. Optimise your energy consumption
  4. Save on energy costs and carbon emissions

Our comprehensive report will present you with our findings and recommendations, along with a statement of the energy savings and return of investment available to you, year on year.

Are you spending more on business energy than you need to? The answer is almost certainly, ‘YES!’