Sytner Range Rover (Wakefield site)

The context
Over time, new plant and equipment had been installed in this luxury automotive retailer’s site without appreciating the implications of the increased demands on the incoming power supply. They realised that they exceeded their maximum demand value, but their extension plans had to continue.

Sytner turned to GRW to resolve this pressing challenge, starting with a comprehensive review of the electrical estate and current power supply.

Achieving more – with less
Sytner not only wanted to continue expanding their site, but also to save energy and carbon emissions at the same time – and this is exactly the kind of challenge on which GRW Energy Cost Reduction thrives! Our team examined every aspect of the site’s actual energy consumption needs and explored the potential for optimising the system and making significant savings.

GRW’s detailed report set out a wide range of money- and energy-saving recommendations, which Sytner were very happy to accept.  The resulting year on year savings in energy costs and carbon emissions have been cause for much celebration! The table below summarises the efficiencies achieved:

  Recommendation Result
1 Upgrade from traditional to LED lighting.  

Energy consumption reduced by 80%

2 Optimise lighting in main workshop and office areas
3 Replace electrical heating with state-of-the-art heat recovery air-conditioning units across the site  

Saved an additional 22%

4 Install voltage optimisation (VO) units on the workshop supply Saved a further 11% on maximum demand load
5 Balance load across the site Base load reduced from 140  to 87 amps per phase on peak demand
6 Replace star delta starters with high frequency compressor unit drives


Magical savings!

Sytner Wakefield’s Managing Director, Paul Williams, reflects, “Without the energy savings made we could not have implemented our expansion plans for the site. In my eyes, GRW Energy Cost Reduction worked magic by reducing our energy consumption and allowing expansion at the same time!”