The Client

Snozone is the largest snow resort in Yorkshire. It’s the UK’s leading snow centre for indoor skiing and snowboarding on real snow.

Snow Resort Hit By Soaring Energy Costs

Creating real snow 24/7 is an energy-intensive activity. As a result, the dramatic rise in global energy prices had a massive impact on Snozone’s electricity costs.

When energy prices accelerated from 16p to 90p per unit, the company faced a three-fold increase in energy costs at the end of its supply contract.

With this significant cost challenge, Snozone contacted GRW Energy Cost Reduction for help with countermeasures to save energy and reduce its costs.

Reducing Usage With Voltage Optimisation

GRW carried out an energy audit using power loggers to measure Snozone‚Äôs usage trends. As a result, the energy specialists recommended the most cost-effective solution was to install a voltage optimisation unit on the ‘cold side’ of the snow resort. This area of the site uses a glycol plant to create real snow.

Snozone asked GRW to implement the voltage optimisation unit and within less than 12 months, had seen a return on investment with a saving of 14%.

Following these positive results, Snozone purchased a second voltage optimisation unit for the ‘warm side’ of the Yorkshire resort.

14% Overall Savings

“We’ve seen significant savings since working with GRW. The average saving from the management front-end for the glycol plant is 14%.”
Paul Manning, Snozone’s Project Manager