Yesss Electrical wholesale (Normanton)


The company electrical consumption business increased 24% year on year for the first 2 years and after the financial director asked for a review of billing a decision was made to cut energy costs but due to size of the building a decision was made implement energy management using measure my energy was chosen after full consultation and the potential savings first year
This allowed full control of the understanding how energy is consumed in the organisation with cost and savings that need to be made for compliance.

Customer Feedback

“This has been an amazing turn around of saving energy from see and viewing the top spenders but realise we had our Air Con was on all weekend and our warehouse lighting been left on amazed me. GRW and their team made savings of 16% in the first year paying the initial investment:
“best decision I made 2019. “Well done GRW energy saving team”

Operations Director Steve Jones