Voltage Optimisation installation to cover continued expansion

Voltage Optimisation at Sytner


Range Rover Sytner group

Range Rover group is a large dealership across the uk and have divisional service centres with delivery workshops and repairs Centre’s .

Customer requirements

Range Group needed further energy saving on the main site at Wakefield and asked GRW to undertake further saving review due to continued expansion and limited head room on the existing 3 phase supply due to EV charging facility.


After assessment and site a full review a Three phase VO (voltage optimisation ) unit was fitted to off set their energy by further deduction of 12%. This unit simply reduced the load demand by off-setting the voltage by reducing the same amount in energy kilowatts allowing energy cost reduction across the load demand on site by the same percentage.

Customer feed back

“When we max out the supply down time to the Business is a critical loss that effects everyone and cost a lot of money in down time . GRW Energy Cost Reduction team understand our energy demand due to restrictions from the supply and limited upgrade options from the supply operator. Well done GRW Energy team, another life-saving exercise.”
MD Paul Williams