PMG (Print Management Company) – Birstall Leeds


Clever print management company PMG are the Yorkshires smart leading print company with year on year awards in the field of print management 1st the there own field of print management to corporate clients across uk.

Clients requirements

After year on year rises in real time energy cost GRW energy cost reduction team were requested to undertake a Energy audit make a review of the potential savings across the whole site that included warehousing and production area including the main general offices and canteen facilities .


Replacing the existing 140 watt tube type fittings with 5 year warranty 20 watt Led panels made 80% saving on the base load with optimisation switching in toilet areas . The main warehouse area had 400 watt ballast type fittings that were replaced with 100 watt ufo type led type with 5 year warranty with instant savings of 75% in energy . A full tariff kilowatt pence per unit review was undertaken resulting in transferring across to green energy supplier with a further 2% saving year on year energy costs.

Customer feedback

“GRW Energy cost reduction team understood energy and the potential savings including reduced maintenance with less energy was there message including reduced bills and that’s what they did without any disruption. Great work well done.”
Mike Roberts group MD