Hydrostal pump manufacturing

The customer

Hyrostal uk leading manufacturing of hi quality pumps specialist with main U.K. manufacturing plant based in West Yorkshire and regional service depots across the uk.

Clients requirements

The energy cost had been increasing year on year and after energy cost reduction audit the findings were based on true savings across the site with a requirement of saving energy and carbon foot print as a directive of there Compliance based credentials.


Full off power generation with 40 kw of roof based PV with power off set against day time peak consumption. Full power factor correction and further energy saving on replacement of ballast based lighting office and warehouse with new led lighting and optimisation and switching . Full tariff review of existing billings cost on the kw/hr rate reducing further expenditure.

Customer feedback

“The energy savings and return on investments has been a real eye opener in what can be achieved if you know your true energy demand . The off set has a real saving over 40% on our billing with surplus at peak day time. Well done GRW ECR team.”
Nigel Good-hall (group director)