Heating review

Heat recovery units for your business

Working with clients in Wakefield, Leeds and throughout the UK, GRW would be delighted to demonstrate the incredible savings that a heat recovery unit could represent to your business.

Whether you’re a smaller business with just one premises, or a larger organisation with multiple sites, we’re happy to come along and conduct a no-obligation energy review, completely free of charge. This will give us a clear understanding of your current consumption levels, so we can put forward a range of options to reduce your heating bills.

What are heat recovery units?

vrfHeat recovery units work in a similar way to air conditioning, providing a controllable air supply into your offices or warehouse – but the addition of a recovery element allows the heat from the air being extracted to be transferred to the incoming flow, warming it up as it moves into the building.

However, unlike air conditioning, heat recovery units don’t recycle old air, but instead take in a constant, fresh supply. This creates a much healthier environment, with the all-important bonus of much lower running costs. Additionally, a heat recovery system can also be set to provide cool air when required, allowing you to adjust the temperature according to your needs.

Reducing your carbon footprint while simultaneously minimising your heating costs, the installation of a commercial heat recovery unit can provide a fast payback on your initial investment, while you continue to reap the benefits for years to come.

Call us now to book your FREE site survey on 0113 88 78 418, or take a look at some of our other energy saving solutions, such as LED lighting or smart metering to see the other ways that GRW can save your business money.

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