Energy Review & Optimisation

Cost-saving business energy audits and EPCs

voltOur energy reviews provide a comprehensive power ‘health check’ for your business, allowing us to identify the cheapest way of balancing your energy demands with your usage. By conducting a thorough investigation of your current system, we can design and commission effective alternatives for continued consumption and financial savings.

The data collected through your energy audit will enable us to recommend a completely bespoke energy saving solution, and we can also ensure that you have an up-to-date EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to show how energy efficient your site is, and the steps that can be taken to improve it.

Voltage optimisation

Picture8In commercial premises, where the demand for power may be increased due to a greater use of electrical equipment and machinery, the installation of voltage optimisation technology can represent excellent savings.

Voltage optimisation regulates the power feed, so that it supplies energy at the right voltage for the equipment in use – which often requires less power than the supply provides. This results in waste, and subsequently means you’re paying for energy that’s not actually being used.

Our energy audits will assess all relevant supply and demand factors, so we can advise on voltage optimisation, or alternative cost-saving solutions.

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